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Europaint Decorative

Let our expert teams transform your walls into beautiful canvases that reflect elegance and sophistication.

Europaint Decorative offers a diverse range of high-quality decorative paints designed to elevate the aesthetic appeal of any space.

Elegant and modern interior design with Europaint’s decorative paint.

At Europaint, we believe in the power of creativity to transform spaces. Our extensive range of high-quality paints and finishes allows you to unleash your imagination and bring your design visions to life. ​

Whether you prefer bold, vibrant colors or subtle, sophisticated textures, our products offer endless possibilities for every surface. With Europaint, the only limit is your imagination. Discover the potential of infinite creativity and make every space uniquely yours.

Infinite Creativity
on Every Surface


Velvet Texture

Europaint Decorative's Velvet Texture finish brings a touch of luxury and elegance to any space. This unique paint is designed to mimic the rich, opulent look of velvet fabric, creating a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere in your home or office. The Velvet Texture finish provides a soft, matte appearance that adds depth and character to your walls, making them stand out with a subtle yet striking effect.

Velvet Decor, A wall with a modern, textured finish in a sleek, grey color, ideal for contemporary interiors.


Marble Effect Texture

Europaint Decorative's Marble Effect Texture gives your walls the look of real marble. This special paint shows the beautiful lines and smooth finish of natural marble. It adds a touch of classic luxury to any room. Perfect for feature walls, entrances, and high-end commercial spaces, Marble Effect Texture makes any area look elegant and stylish.

Marble Effect, A striking black and white marble effect wall, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication.


Stone Texture

Europaint Decorative's Stone Texture brings the natural look of stone to your walls. This paint gives your space a rustic and earthy feel, perfect for adding character and warmth. Ideal for living rooms, kitchens, and outdoor areas, Stone Texture creates a unique and durable surface that stands out.

A wall with a natural, textured finish, resembling organic patterns.


Wood Texture

Europaint Decorative's Wood Texture gives your walls the appearance of natural wood. This paint adds warmth and a cozy feel to any room, making it perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. The Wood Texture finish is designed to be durable and easy to maintain, creating a stylish and long-lasting surface.

A wall with a distressed wood texture, offering a rustic and vintage feel.


Ancient Era Patterns

Europaint Decorative's Ancient Era Patterns bring the beauty and elegance of ancient designs to your walls. These patterns add a touch of history and sophistication to any space. Perfect for feature walls, dining rooms, and cultural centers, Ancient Era Patterns create a unique and timeless atmosphere that captivates and inspires.

Antique Design,  An intricately designed wall with a central gold pattern, surrounded by detailed motifs.

We ensure a smooth painting experience from start to finish. From gathering project details to expert application, each step is handled with care, guaranteeing high-quality results.

Step-by-Step Painting Procedure

First Step

Quick Quote and Information Collection

In the first step, specify the features you want, your color preferences and details about your project in our offer. Also send us the photo of your wall and the square meter information. Based on this information, we will prepare a quick and detailed offer to offer you the most suitable solutions. Our goal is to understand your needs as soon as possible and offer the best options to meet your expectations

A focused individual working at a desk, equipped with modern technology and stationery.

Second Step


Our expert team carefully evaluates the information you send. We determine the most appropriate paint type, color options and application methods according to the needs of your space. We also provide you with detailed information about the timing and budget of your project. At this stage, we plan every step of your project and present it to you transparently.

A team collaborating around a table, engaged in creative discussions and planning.

Final Step


In the last step, our professional teams come to your place on the specified date and apply the paint. Thanks to the quality of the materials used and the experience of our teams, your project will be completed on time and flawlessly. At the end of the work, your space is delivered to you in an aesthetic and ready-to-use state.

A detailed wall with elaborate patterns and designs, demonstrating high-quality decorative paint.

Expert Team

Unique wall design with Europaint’s decorative paint.

500+ Project

Europaint is proud to have successfully completed over 500 projects, showcasing our commitment to quality and excellence. From residential homes to large-scale commercial buildings, our expertise and innovative solutions have transformed countless spaces. 

Certified Technicians

Our certified technicians are key to Europaint’s quality and success. They go through strict training and have important certifications. This ensures they have up-to-date skills and knowledge. Our technicians handle application, maintenance, and troubleshooting with care and professionalism.

Application Duration

The process takes at least 2 days and up to 5 days. Our certified technicians ensure that each step is completed with precision and care, guaranteeing high-quality results within this timeframe. Whether it's a small project or a larger one, we strive to deliver excellence efficiently.

Designs Without Limits

At Europaint Decorative, we believe in "Designs Without Limits." Our extensive range of paints and finishes allows you to unleash your creativity and transform any space. From bold colors to intricate textures, our products offer endless possibilities to achieve the look you desire. 

With Europaint, your imagination is the only limit

Decorative, A beautifully decorated fireplace with textured and patterned walls, creating a cozy ambiance.


Professional Painting and Decoration Consultancy

You can get professional consultancy service from our expert team for the most suitable paint colors and decoration ideas for your spaces. We offer you special solutions by combining aesthetics and functionality.


High Quality Paint Products

We give your spaces a long-lasting and aesthetic appearance with our durable and environmentally friendly paint products with a wide range of colors for interior and exterior spaces. We are at your service with solutions suitable for every need.


Application and Technical Support

We are here for you with our application and technical support services for your painting and decoration projects. Our professional teams provide all the necessary support for your projects to be completed smoothly and perfectly.



It is much more affordable than stone, ceramics and wallpaper. When prices per square meter and including labor are compared, it is on average 35-50% more economical.


Color and Pattern You Want

You can reflect your dream design on your wall and add a unique atmosphere to your space. You can change the color of the model you like.


Long lasting

With its high quality formula, it is resistant to abrasions and external factors. The paints we produce with years of experience preserve the flawlessness of the first day on your walls for years.

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